Friday, December 4, 2009

How Does This Woman Live With Herself?

How Do These People Live With Themselves?Posted by Arizona Mildman on December 4, 2009 at 6:30am
It just makes me want to ask, "Are all Republicans idiots?" Can anyone in their right mind NOT be embarrassed by this idiotic statement. The Republican party has become like the drunk kid who came to your party and started trying to tell everyone how much he loved them and making such an ass of himself that when someone told him how he acted last night he is afraid to face anyone. But they don't seem to have any shame. They say something ridiculous and just don't know how to admit it was a stupid thing to say. They will say almost anything. It would be like me, after deciding I didn't like the local newspaper, going on television and telling the news reporters on national television that I actually caught Bubonic Plague from reading it. And then smiling at the camera and calling them "My friends" again for the three hundredth time. Are they so afraid to let anything decent for the America Public pass in congress that they have to lie about it, using fairy tales and complete fabrication? I am beginning to realise that they really do hate poor people. Republicans are not all rich, but they all think that somehow passing laws that benefit only rich people are somehow going to wash back on them. They keep trying to hope for the rich guys of this nation to become total philanthropists and start giving away money. That is what trickle down stood for, by the way. Like some rich person is carrying two arm loads of money in a manner that is going to allow some of it to trickle out of his arms so we can all share it.
The point they don't understand is unlimited greed. People like John McCain have more money than he or his family could ever spend and it isn't enough. He worries about paying his fair share of taxes so badly that he is ready to lie and completely lose the trust of the whole American Public to do it. After they screwed him over in the 2000 presidential campaign, he still sucks up to them as if he has no pride. He isn't a maverick, he is a Rebootlick.
Republican Congresswoman Virginia Foxx of North Carolina said that health care reform is more dangerous than any terrorist in the United States today. Will someone send a real terrorist to this woman's house, please? This was probably the stupidest statement I have heard since Jerry Falwell made his comment about why God made 9-11 happen. How much money are the insurance lobbies paying this woman? Is she just on a straight salary or does she get a commission check like most actors?
Actually the most dangerous thing is this woman making statements like this on National Television. The idea that someone can say something like this and not have to retract their statement shows how tabloids like the National Enquirer are still in business. I am proud to say that I am not from North Carolina. Also, let me restate that all of the members of congress WANTED THIS PLAN for themselves, just not for everyone else. They think healthcare is a privelege. I would hope the next time her house catches on fire that someone from her local fire department would ask her to first look up the deductable on her home owners' insurance before they continue with her reporting the fire since it might not really be worth their while.
Has anyone seen this woman's picture? She looks like a drunken school teacher. She is obviously either on the trough of the health care insurance lobbies or lost her mind, so the picture of her grinning like an idiot on" target="_blank">her web page after saying some idiotic thing like that only worsens my impression of her.
The thing that really scares me is that anyone might hear her and think since they heard it on television and since she has a job in congress that she actually believes that and knows what she is talking about. Either I hear a retraction from this woman or I am going to start a campaign to get some lawyers to send a team to investigate and put her under observation to see if she is crazy or just greedy and taking money from the insurance companies. Some people will listen to anything a member of their party says. Those same kind of people are the type who believe Professional Wrestling is real, also.
I was going to say we should send her an oscar award, but then I realised, she isn't that good of an actor. She didn't even for a second make me think she might have a point. She over exagerated whatever she was trying to say and in my opinion, should come on TV and apologise or expect everyone in the public, from now on, to question everything she says. The people of her state, especially the Republicans should demand that she apologise. If she lies about something this important that isn't any of her business, how many thousands of other things is she corrupt about? If I was from North Carolina, I would be embarrassed to admit that I voted for her.

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