Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Reply to NBC NEWS

I am going to post this on my blog entitled, "Being Allergic to Stupid" for obvious reasons. The president of the United States was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for opening the door to peace and open negotiations rather than cold war politics and anti-diplomatic policies like some of the past presidents of the U.S. have done. I am living in a world where the very thing some people have for years praised as an honorable achievement, and instead our news media, all of them, have chosen to be "STUPID". I am not saying this lightly.
When President Obama said that the Massachusettes Police arrested Professor Gates for something "...stupid", he was forced to apologise. I am not going to apologise to anyone. I wish I had the money to get T-Shirts printed up that say, "The American News Media Is Stupid". To say that the president is getting an award for nothing is to say that he didn't take any action. I guess being diplomatic and reaching out to other countries to talk and open a discourse that could keep us from facing another war is not an action to them either. This is the problem with the way some people see things in this country. The fact that they can't see that someone containing themselves, holding their tongue, being polite, and not getting angry and rude is not doing anything. I guess the only thing some people see as an action is by doing something outlandish. Should we give a prize to Kayne West for what he did at the awards show? He did something. It was wrong, but it was something. They insinuate that since he didn't do anything like start a war, that his contribution is worthless. I guess by not throwing our trash in the street and instead keeping it collected and in a place where it isn't a health hazzard or an eyesore is worthless also, since we aren't really doing anything but being a good citizen and following our desire to keep things more neat and orderly, which, I guess isn't worth much. The kind of people who think being purposely offensive and politically incorrect is fashionable died with the George Bush "beer bash/barbecues". Okay, let's compare his actions with the same administration. Yes, I can see, after what they are used to seeing from the White House, this seems like nothing. Not going on TV and telling the whole world we want to stand alone in a war we shouldn't have been involved in without the cooperation and approval of the United Nations, or sending troops to a place that DIDN'T ATTACK US, based on fictional information is not doing anything.
I am involved with an organisation that I am proud to say is conciously trying to promote peace and world interaction between the whole planet instead of selfishly trying to be involved in the day to day self-centered behavior most people engage in. The fact that we had a president that offended the whole United Nations, that also talked tough on the news but didn't do anything himself except "act tough" and become offensive to all of Europe, Asia, and everyone besides the Arabs seems to have hurt us politically. If undoing the ignorance and rude offensiveness isn't respected as doing something, then I give up on this country's news media. The peacock channel tonight was talking about nonsense and then mentioned this story with the comment that the president was receiving an award that he didn't do anything for and instead it was for what he hadn't done. If not doing something offensive and stupid doesn't count, then I guess all of the courts, hospitals, police agencies, and local governments trying to maintain good health and sanity isn't worth anything either.
Recently, I heard that some of the news media is complaining that they are losing business. If this is an example of how they plan to maintain a relationship with the public, then, I will welcome their departure. The only thing most of them have been actively doing lately is spreading fear, anger, and politically incorrect, unpopular sentiments from all the people that they report. We have congressmen shouting accusations at the president on national television and instead of showing that they care about right and wrong, they act like this is up to him to decide what is rude. They, in my opinion, are supposed to tell us what is wrong, and also report things that are right. They are human also, but they don't need to keep their stories resigned to the bottom of the barrel. I don't buy newspapers, since they now sell their opinions or "versions of what really happened" to the highest bidder. Most cable news is run by corporations that only allow news casters to let you hear the version that is the latest proganda story. The amount of lies and misinformation that is spread through the supposed news is now at an all time high. If we can't trust what they say, what good are they? They are selling reported stories that are news, they are selling opinions and editorialism that is worthless to the average person. I think I will email the white house and thank the president for not doing anything STUPID long enough to get an award. In a way, I can see how some people might feel we deserve that, after seeing how we were acting for the eight years previous.

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