Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Comedy Central Blocks Signon or Registration

The comedy central website decided tonight that it was too much trouble for people to log in and make comments, evidently since they disabled the ability to log in or register in order to comment after posting a video with a masterfully ignorant book author of the book entitled "Courting Disaster: How the CIA Kept America Safe and How Barack Obama Is Inviting the Next Attack" by Mark Thiessen. that was such an ignorant statement that I was glad Stewart came on the show and let him embarrass himself. After Jon asked him, "Then it is ok for them to waterboard our people..." and Thiessen immediately without a blink fired off, "NO!" and Jon gave his patented "Scooby Doo" look with eyes wide that says, "HOOOUUUUAAAMMM?" as he used to verbalize, Thiessen seem to realise early on that he was through, but somehow Stewart got him to jump right in there and expose the rest of his flawed thinking and rationalisations. That point in itself is so reticent of how the Right rationalizes EVERYTHING they do wrong. So, because of the same type of technicalities that he is whining about the "Left" when it was actually the Supreme Court and Congress made them stop, those type of technicalities like whose side we are on and whether or not we call ourselves a militant combatant or we are termed by him to be a "terrorist" and because one person who was waterboarded thanked them, since that allowed him to betray his country because now he can say he was tortured, made all the difference to his whole argument. "He led us to this guy, who led us to this guy, who led us to this guy." and they were all "plotting" terrorist attacks that we don't know for sure they were capable of carrying out or whether they surrendered and turned themselves in to receive better treatment than if they had been captured militarily. (with the possibility of getting shot)
But, he feels that somehow if America uses waterboarding it isn't toture but when they do it to our troops it is.
And with the guy who gave up his "co conspirator", how do we know he wasn't wanting to tell what he knew? Since we stopped the supposed plots before they happened, how do we know for sure that they would have carried them out? And as Jon Stewart pointed out he can't say for sure we wouldn't have stopped them another way. Thiessen sounded Stupid and the only thing that pisses me off is that Stewart didn't put him to task for the idiotic statement that "Barack Obama Is Inviting the Next Attack". This is the kind of idiotic rightwing slanderous statement that can only lead to asking him to prove that Barack Obama doesn't care about the safety of U.S. Citizens. He asked Stewart if he thought it wasn't the president's job to keep America safe and Jon replied, "Don't you think that any president of the United States wants to keep America safe?" He didn't answer and asked again, "Don't you think that is his job?" Stewart replied, "Well, no, as far as I know he is supposed to preserve the constitution." Then Jon said, "You are trying to talk about allowing waterboarding as is we have no other means and I can argue that I could treat someone with loving kindness and he thanked me and gave me information."
The fact that Mark Thiessen couldn't make a point without a lot of conjecture that he tried to say was fact was simple. So, in the next speech we see him make, evidently he prepped the guy who introduced him to say, "Fact are facts and you can't get around facts. A lot of people are disputing them but they are facts..." It was stupid and transparent. Opinions aren't facts. There wouldn't be any controversy if it was a fact. I personally think all the people who advocate waterboarding should be required by the court to undergo the same form of treatment to show that it wasn't really torture and then we could go with their opinion.
And of course on his website he has statements from the guys who authorized torture and the first was Dick Cheney. That is the committee investigating itself and finding nothing wrong again, except NO ONE ELSE including congress agreed, so Cheney's statement makes it sound all the stupider. "...Marc Thiessen knows, in ways that few others do, just how effective, heroic, and morally justified were the interrogators who kept this nation safe after 9/11. If you want to know what really happened behind the scenes at the CIA interrogation sites or at Guantanamo Bay, you simply must read this book." —Dick Cheney
Of course the guy who ordered the torture would say that. Stupid. I think Cheney should be waterboarded.

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