Saturday, January 16, 2010

Can These People Hear Themselves?

I have become what most people would call the most liberal form of non-conformist. Some people would state that it is the fault of organisations that promote liberal movements. Actually, that couldn't be further from the truth. The Conservatives have driven me to what I am, instead. I am still under the belief that some people in the public eye act as what is known as a "Devil's Advocate", making statements to make people think. Then there are others who are just plain stupid. How can anyone be so insensitive to the rest of the world and so selfiish? When I look at news (which I am trying to avoid but it keeps jumping up in front of me) I see more natural disasters in this period than have happened in a long time. Why? Nature. We haven't had any in a while and with Global Warming, and the oceans getting shallower, whole species of animals going extinct, and so much pollution that people who have never smoked a cigarette in their lives are dying from lung cancer from being one of those 'outdoor' type of people in the city. The fact that money is being made is inevitably part and parcel of all this. Money, property, and prestige will make a nice person corrupt. Yesterday a couple of stories that I can't believe came up on the news. They were about statements made by Pat Roberts and Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh is a prime example of what I was told as a child in the expression, "The most dangerous person in the world is a fool." The same applies to Pat Roberts, but I will explain my feelings on that later. Limbaugh is dangerous like a guy in a theater who yells fire and gets people trampled to death. A lot of people listen to him and enjoy everything he says. The same type of people usually like professional wrestling and have taught themselves to believe it is real, just so they can be entertained. That is the type of person Limbaugh is. He thinks that everything he says doesn't have an impact or at least he thinks any impact he has is not a negative one. I wonder how one turns their brain off when they are speaking like he does. I personally think Rush Limbaugh would be better off NOT trying to make Obama look bad since he is so stupidly WRONG about his details repeatedly that he only ends up making himself look stupider.
Recently the tragedy of the earthquake in Haiti was broadcast on the internet by the White House. Michele Obama came on the news feed clip and asked people to send money to the Red Cross at their corporate text feed number. The only message about donations is "... •Donate $10 to the Red Cross to be charged to your cell phone bill by texting "HAITI" to "90999 ..." and I want to add that FOX NEWS, and several of the conservative websites and news channel sites have posted the same number. But Mr. Limbaugh asked the question, "How do you know your donation is going to the Red Cross?" ("Uh, because that's where we are sending it? Directly to the Red Cross, not The White House.) This insinuates that the Obama administration and Michele Obama are skimming or stealing money from a relief effort. He also asked the question, "How do you know your phone number isn't going to end up on an Obama Donation email list or mailing list? This is to say that Shawn Hannity and Fox News are telling people to donate money to a white house money funneling scam. When told to SHUT THE F**K UP, he said, "I didn't say that people shouldn't donate money!" No, but he implied that the donation effort was a money scam. I submit that Rush Limbaugh thinks that way because that is what HE DOES! A few thousand people send money to Rush Limbaugh to support causes he makes up and announces over the radio. Does all of the money go to support those causes? How do we know? We do know we can find out easy enough. Let's actually INVESTIGATE without running our mouth like an idiot, and at I see that the same message from Michelle Obama is on their website. Wow, what a concept, huh? They must have asked her to make that message, ya' think? Or do you think the Red Cross is scamming themselves? Their donation online page says that they have had such a HUGE volume of charitable acts by American Citizens that it will take at least 24 hours to send you an email receipt.
Now, a bit about Pat Roberts from "The 700 Club" which obviously isn't concerning his IQ points. May I say just one thing about him, I think this guy should have been wearing a tin foil hat so we could tell who he was a long time ago. Back in the day he used to say things that were a little off. This last one was so off base I couldn't believe it. He actually said that Haiti had an earthquake because they made a pact with the devil to get out from under the heel of the French. Let me repeat that, Pat Roberts thinks that the earthquake in Haiti, which anyone who actually HAS studied anything about Geology can tell you is from the tectonic plates below the surface of the earth shifting. If you want to know why the earthquake ACTUALLY happened, here is the link to the real explanation of why the earthquake in Haiti happened. Or you can try to believe Pat Roberts' version. But, why did the natural disasters near where he lives happen?
This brings me to another point which I believe is important. When are Christians going to quit ignoring science and start ignoring the "village wise man" thinking? In ancient times we had no form of science. Back then, religion was man's way to explain science. Before people knew about the forces of the universe and our planet, we would ask what things were and why they happened. We would go to the oldest person since he was around longer, we assumed he knew. Today, some people still do the same thing. On this occasion they asked the village idiot, it seems. Men of religion have been explaining science with wild stories born in their imagination. That is the parent of all mythology and most religions are full of mythology. The statement that Satan, God, or any other deity was responsible for a natural occurrance in nature that we have scientific evidence of seems to have completely slipped his mind. Do you think the seismographic institutes checked with God to document their reports? When you let a guy think he is "inspired by God" to always give you the right answer, then he ends up getting so full of himself that he makes some stupid statement like this. Have a nice day.
We all need to quit going to the village wise man for answers, it isn't good for him either, obviously.
Arizona Mildman View
P.S. I should have entitled this "Dumb and Dumber". Dumber and Dumbest?