Saturday, May 16, 2009

Being Allergic To Stupid

I think if you are one of those people who grew up questioning everything you were told that didn't make sense, then, you are what I recently heard David Letterman call "thoughtful". When I can't imagine something being considered correct and someone tells me, "Well, that's just how it is", I feel even more indignant. It is like they farted and then said, "Well, I think maybe it is the air quality in the room which can be adjusted through filtration if you ...", and I want to say, "Asshole, go in the bathroom to shit your pants, I don't want to be involved, thanks." Why is it that some people somehow think their presence or opinion is always necessary if it isn't something that should be shared with everyone else. There are radio talk show hosts that make a living out of being the farter in the room and some idiot out there makes it possible by supporting their position. Today I heard one that inspired me to say something. I was looking at Google on the competition for the young people from grades K-3rd, on up to 12th grade. One of the drawings, of course from someone with a Mexican last name is about street art. That is what he called it was Public Art. It is also called grafiti. It is vandalism and is not considered an art form. I hope some of the local artists in his neighborhood grace his family's home with some public art and maybe all over their car, as well. Then, perhaps his parents will teach him the difference between art and vandalism as his parents are having the local artists in the area arrested for defacing HIS family's property.
I know that some people have given the grafiti artists a couple of areas in town to do with as they wish and I can tell you one of the places in California where you can see the best "public art" is the prisons there. Some of the local artists in the prison who are the kind of people who started that kind of art are living there and the prison authorities and the California Department of Corrections, being the most progressive in the country, let some of them have a couple of walls facing the athletic field to display their talents. Might mean something, huh? Ya' think?